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Native to Northern Virginia, Chequena Morris-Hall is an MBA holder who currently lives in Sterling with her husband and their three kids. As an altruist by nature with a keen artistic eye, it ultimately became the catalyst for her to establish the now leading dance studio that features a beautiful, welcoming, and diverse community of families across the Northern Virginia area. Because to Chequena, empoweringstudents through the transformational world of dance within a safe and nurturing environment is the cornerstone to their success, wellbeing, and overall happiness both in and out of the studio. However, it wasn’t that long ago when Chequena was viewed as the last person expected to orchestrate a bar-raising dance organization. 


Prior to forming Elite Formation Studio of Dance, Chequena worked long hours at a prestigious government job. Furthermore, she was considering pursuing a Ph.D. while her children attended private school. But even with these futuristic plans, she still felt like she was missing something in her life. It wasn’t until hearing a poignant message at a friend’s church that her motivation and ambitions in life altered and manifested, resulting in her quitting her stressful job and focusing more her time on her kids. As wonderful as being a full-time parent was, she began experiencing several disappointing situations at her daughter's dance studio. In conjunction with this, she quickly recognized the significant lack of diversity amongst the students, which she holds exceptionally strong values towards. With this as her base, Chequena felt compelled to start her own studio that was much more welcoming, safe, and secure for children of all races and backgrounds to excel. 


With just $40 and a pivotal idea, Chequena successfully launched Elite Formation Studio of Dance back in 2017, and it has since grown into a reputable gathering place for young dancers and their families. The studio itself embodies the concept that greatness is taught and nurtured through life experiences, and the notion that every child has the ability to obtain their peak performance when they have the right environment and caring support system to develop from. Today, Elite Formation Studio of Dance currently has over students and prides itself on being the mirrors and windows for kids to become the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.

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